Worker Walkout at Walmart on Black Friday

I can’t make it to any of the walkouts, but would like to stand with them in spirit. If you can afford to buy your stuff elsewhere please do it. Trying to live on the wages the associates(slaves) make is next to impossible. The article states that the CEO makes the same amount of money the average worker makes in ONE YEAR in ONE HOUR.

This goes back to the blog I posted several weeks ago about the growing inequality in this country harming the entire economic system. We are currently living in times where many of your average citizens can’t afford the necessities of life, never mind luxuries. The reduced ability to buy these things will eventually cut into Mr. CEO’s pie, hopefully before too long. Those who cannot afford to live on their salaries are now getting angry. Hopefully angry enough to turn over this current regime of super rich oligarchs. If not it will surely fall apart due to lack of demand.

Let’s not shop at Walmart any longer. Support these folks and their budding labor action.

You go guy’s!!!

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